Download StationRipperTM Version 2.95 (2.8M)

StationRipper does not contain any adware or spyware, nor does it change any system settings, and it will only install files to the StationRipper directory.  StationRipper comes with a install program that will easily remove it, if desired.

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Features Free Standard Gold
Record Shoutcast Radio & TV into MP3's.
MP3's labeled with the Band & Song name.
Max Stations that can be recorded at one time. 2 600 600
# of songs that can be record without restarting. 25 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Drag and drop iTunes Radio.
Download Podcasts.
Don't re-record of songs you already have.
Auto-Set Genre from Station Portal.
Manually set all Genre's.
iTunes or MediaMonkey integration.
MSN Integration.
Adjust track splitting settings. Social Network
Remove some commercials.  
Set filters for songs to record or not record.  
Keep incomplete songs.  
Increment Song names.  
Change the initial page that comes up.  
Smart Copy - record long DJ sets .  
Set the Genre for a specific station.  
Free upgrades and support to version 3.0  
Record (two week free trial)  
Entered in this months iPod nano Give-away.  
Free lifetime upgrades and support    
Price 100% Free $19.99 $29.99
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