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Welcome to StationRipper!  StationRipper is a Microsoft Windows software program that records and downloads music from Internet radio stations, such as Shoutcast streams, Web based stations such as and, and Podcasts.

StationRipper is available in a free version as well as a paid version ("Silver" and "Gold" licenses).  The free version will let you record as much as you want, but will "nag" you to register.  It will also limit itself to two weeks of Pandora-like recording.   The Silver and Gold editions have no limits - you can record up to 600 simultaneous radio streams (which translates to several thousand songs every couple of hours!), and as many web based stations as you like.

Some of the main features of StationRipper include:

You can download StationRipper on its Home Page.

Some useful videos to see StationRipper in action:

Some external resource to learn more about StationRipper:

If you've just gotten StationRipper, the best section to start in is the Getting Started chapter.  If you've been using it for a while but want to understand how something works, then take a look at Detailed Help.

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