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Using the main toolbar is a handy way to preform common tasks.

  StationRipper always has a web page up, and uses it as the main interface.  These buttons can be used to navigate the web page (Left, Right, Stop loading, Refresh the Page, and Home)

Click this to go to, the main Shoutcast radio directory.

 Click to view all the music that you've recoded.  You'll be able to listen to it, and browse to the folder where it's been recorded to.

Bring up a list of all Stations that you've recorded in the past.  From this window, you'll be able to start recoding (one, or any number of them!)

Bring up the options screen

If you haven't registered the app, you can buy it on the main web page (  After you do that, you'll get a email with your registration info in it.  Click this button enter it into the app, enabling the premium features!

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